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To which position are you applying?

Answer one of the following questions (or both if you're feeling particularly ambitious).

Option A

While technology is adept at solving some problems, there are also many examples where well-intentioned technology lets down the people it intended to serve. What role do you think technology should play in the public sector (nonprofit, gov’t)?


Option B
Oftentimes, nonprofits receiving pro bono technology services end up with scrapped-together, unsustainable digital products. What do you think Intentful Tech Collaborative should do to ensure that our pro bono teams deliver sustainable and high-quality work to our clients? 

We are looking for folks with a variety of skillsets and experiences to join us. What skills/experience would you bring to our team? Select all that apply.
Choose your pizza toppings:
We are looking for folks who are able to give 2-4 hours a week to the Collaborative for 3 months or longer. How many hours a week (on average) are you able to dedicate?
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